About Us

About Us

Get to Know Our Family Business

We started out as a retail and wholesale distributor of PE film products and packaging materials, but soon we acquired film production equipment and significantly expanded our warehousing capacity to meet the increasing market demand.

Today, we manufacture and distribute high quality industrial, agricultural, construction and household film products, packaging materials and accessories, and even extra-large film products from our permanent stock.

Family Tradition

Our company started as a family business in 2004. To this day, the founding brothers, Zsolt László Papp, mechanical engineer in the plastics industry, and Gábor Papp, food industry engineer, have been the owners of the ‘Iparifoliak’ company.

Our common goal is to always provide our partners with the best quality products, be it the manufacturing of plastic film, corrugated packaging materials or their accessories. To achieve this, we rely on the experience accumulated by our company’s managers and employees.

Our Manufacturing Capacity is Constantly Expanding

After our company established its presence in the market for industrial and commercial film products, in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for high quality, we purchased production machinery in 2010 and entered the market with our own products.

Following an expansion in 2014, we now have a full range of film production technology, and from 2017 we took further steps to modernise and now manufacture film products on a 1000 square metre production area.

Advanced Energy and Logistics Solutions

To accommodate a wide range of products and provide a fast service, we are constantly improving our premises. We have covered a significant part of our 3 hectare warehouse area with load-relieving concrete and by 2019 we had expanded our capacity with two modern warehouses with a total floor area of 2000 square metres.

But the development does not stop there: we will soon start construction of a third warehouse of 1700 square metres, and in the spring of 2023 we added a 180 kW solar panel system, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint of our plastic film production activities.