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Manufacturing and Distribution of Industrial Plastic Films

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As a family business, we manufacture and distribute high-quality industrial, agricultural, construction and household film products, packaging materials and accessories, as well as extra-large or custom colour film products on demand.

We maintain a permanent stock of raw materials for the production of films and finished products for the film and packaging industry, which we use as a basis for providing our customers with a personalised, professional service. Whether you need small or large quantities, personal collection or delivery, film or corrugated paper, do not hesitate to contact us.

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From Soltvadkert, with Expertise

Soltvadkert, located in the heart of the Kiskunság region, is one of the centres of the Hungarian plastic and plastic film production. Experienced workforce and deep-rooted knowledge of materials and technology provide the basis for our company’s activities, on which we build our pioneering solutions.

Our site has recently been extended with modern, energy-efficient warehouse and office buildings. This means we always have the right raw materials on hand and we are able to deliver the most popular items to our customers immediately from stock.

The industrial, agricultural, construction and household plastic film products we manufacture and distribute meet the most modern requirements. We also offer high quality corrugated and woven packaging materials and their accessories.


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A popular waterproof film: the vapour barrier film

A popular waterproof film: the vapour barrier film

The insulation and controlled drainage of moisture both play a critical role in certain industrial areas. Thanks to its versatility, the vapor barrier film is capable of fulfilling both functions. In our article, we provide a detailed presentation of how these films can be used in various industries as professional solutions, specifying the particular areas of application.

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