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Industrial, Agricultural and Logistics Plastic Film Products, Packaging Materials, and Accessories for All Areas of Life

Packaging and other film products are increasingly needed in the retail and wholesale trade, in all areas of industrial goods transport and logistics, in the household and construction industries, and even in agriculture.

The answer to this growing demand is an ever wider and more specialised range of products, as an agricultural tent film has to meet different requirements than a blanket film for the construction industry. And we have a wide range of products to meet all expectations.


The construction industry is one of the driving forces of the economy, but whether it is a small family house or a huge office complex, it is important to be aware of cleanliness and environmental requirements during construction.

For this reason, high-quality, heavy-duty cover films and painters’ sheeting are essential, as are bags for transporting construction debris. Modern windows and doors have made vapour control a priority, and foils also represent a key element in this.

We are constantly developing, so we respond to the technological and cleanliness needs of the construction industry with high-quality, durable, and lasting plastic film products that reliably help you and your team to get the job done.

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Logistics and transport are the driving force behind the economic links that connect us around the world. But it cannot be done effectively without the right packaging and fastening materials and accurate labelling.

Innovation in this area is continuous, with more and more targeted solutions such as spool-free or pre-stretched stretch films, tailor-made pallet wrapping films, and thermal paper-based self-adhesive labels.

From air cushion films and cardboard boxes for the security of individual products, to bulk bags and shrink films for the food industry, to foam and stretch film solutions for secure transportation, we have a solution for every challenge.

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While reducing the use of chemicals is an important goal in modern agriculture, consumers expect to get fresh fruit and vegetables not only in season but all year round.

That’s why solutions such as chemical-free weed control covers, high UV tolerant tent films that can last for years, or bags for the safe storage of feed and crops are becoming increasingly important.

We offer our customers in agriculture proven, safe technology, durable and ready-to-use plastic film products that make production easier and more efficient, and storage and transport more effective.

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Although we all strive to use sustainable solutions that are less harmful to the environment in our everyday shopping, households still need a wide variety of plastic film products and packaging materials.

Various types of garbage bags and bin bags are essential for selective waste collection, and green waste collection bags made of environmentally friendly materials may also be needed for composting instead of using fertilisers.

As a modern, responsible plastic film manufacturer, we serve the needs of kitchens, home gardens and households with food-safe, reliable quality, environmentally friendly plastic film products, which can even be made from biodegradable materials if needed.

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