Custom Plastic Film and Bag Products

Custom Plastic Film and Bag Products

Custom-coloured, lettered or logo-printed plastic film products, even in extreme sizes, directly from the manufacturer

We can also provide our partners with customized plastic film products, even in extreme sizes, or with lettering and logos at short notice. We always manufacture and supply high-quality, durable industrial and universal plastic film products.

Based on decades of professional experience and a large stock, we can also serve specific colour and size requirements for industrial, logistic, agricultural or construction plastic film production, in addition to our general purpose products.

Reasons to Choose Our Products

Industrial film products in special sizes, colours or finishes directly from the manufacturer

Unique solutions

Our plastic films are resistant to low temperatures, UV and other challenges

Designed to Last

Custom and Extreme Size Film Products

Flat films

Flat films

Quality flat films for universal and industrial use

Shrink Films

Shrink Films

Transparent, high-strength films for use in the food industry

Plastic Film Sacks

Plastic Film Sacks

For packing small loads or carrying large loads

Pallet Caps

Pallet Caps

Weatherproof pallet caps for Storage and Transportation

Related categories

Industrial Plastic Films

Durable plastic films for special needs; also available in extra sizes.

Plastic Films for Construction

Durable, ladder-resistant construction sheeting for all construction jobs.

Plastic Films for the Agriculture

Weather and UV resistant flat films for the agriculture

Stretch Films

Stretch films for manual or machine use, with or without rolls

Packaging Film Products

Shrink films, bubble wrap and foam films for packaging products

Tubular Films

We offer general and industrial tubular films in a range of colours and sizes