Granulate and Regranulate

Granulate and Regranulate

We Support the Work of Our Partners with Raw Materials

We always source and stock significant quantities of raw materials to ensure a fast service to our customers. We rely on this stock not only to supply finished products, but also to supply raw materials to our manufacturing partners.

We can supply our partners with first and second grade granulates, regranulates, master batches, as well as additional raw materials for the production of plastic film products, such as: colouring agents, degassing additives, slip agents and UV stabilisers.

Granulates and Regranulates

Raw, clear, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) granules are a common, first-grade raw material for industrial, agricultural and household plastic film products, from which, with the addition of suitable additives, high quality film products can be made.

In addition, however, we also stock large quantities of regranulate. The regranulate resulting from plastic recycling is available in a range of colours and its use contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of plastic film production.

We stock large quantities of both categories of products and are happy to work with our plastic film and plastic product manufacturing partners to stock this inventory. Please contact us for our current stock of granulates and regranulates.

Master Batches

During the production of the film, the raw material is supplemented colouring agents and additives to ensure that the properties of the finished product are consistent. We keep significant quantities of regularly used basic master batches in stock.

For our partners in the film and plastics industry, we supply master batches in the following colours on request:

  • white
  • black
  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • yellow
  • purple
  • brown
  • silver
  • orange


Film products for different purposes require different additives to improve the properties, durability and resistance of the product. In order to serve customers with the right quality, their use is now commonplace in plastic film manufacturing.

Examples of such additives are degassing additives to aid the extrusion of regranulates, slip additives to support the separation of folded films during bag opening, or UV stabilizers to guarantee the resistance of tent films.

We always keep a large stock of the most common plastic film additives in our warehouses, which we are happy to supply to our plastic film manufacturing partners. Please contact us for our current stock.