Packaging Film Products

Packaging Film Products

Strong Packaging Film Products from a Hungarian Manufacturer

In the logistics of finished or semi-finished products, the biggest challenge is not only speed but also transportation safety. That’s why we supply our partners with durable, high-quality packaging film products that protect the goods being transported.

Whether you need shrink wrapping for food products, air cushion packaging for fragile items or foam film for general protection, you can rely on the quality of our packaging film products in your logistics processes.

Reasons to Choose Our Products

We also produce packaging film products in special colours

Unique solutions

Our packaging film products stand up well to physical stress

Durable Design

Packaging Film Products

Shrink Films

Shrink Films

Transparent, high-strength films for use in the food industry

Bubble Wrap Films

Bubble Wrap Films

Durable protection against impact and other physical damage

Foam Films

Foam Films

Films with a sponge structure to protect against scratches, bumps and abrasions

Related categories

Industrial Plastic Films

Durable plastic films for special needs; also available in extra sizes.

Plastic Films for Construction

Durable, ladder-resistant construction sheeting for all construction jobs.

Plastic Films for the Agriculture

Weather and UV resistant flat films for the agriculture

Stretch Films

Stretch films for manual or machine use, with or without rolls

Tubular Films

We offer general and industrial tubular films in a range of colours and sizes

Custom Plastic Film and Bag Products

On request, we can provide our plastic film products with a unique design or printing