The integrity of goods is a matter of economic interest, whether in transit or storage. Weather conditions, as well as the circumstances of transportation, can damage the cargo. For this prevention, quickly applicable, cost-effective pallet caps are ideal. They should not only be UV-resistant and protected against rain, but also easy to apply, while safeguarding the goods from mechanical impacts. Our pallet caps offer a quality yet affordable alternative for both indoor and outdoor protection of shipments.

Strapabíró, könnyen felhelyezhető fóliasapka

Pallet cap: The versatile packaging product

For the product to function at its best, a unique composition is necessary. For perfect fit, it needs to be flexible yet possess sufficiently high tensile strength.
In addition, in many cases, it is a fundamental requirement to completely isolate moisture from the cargo stored beneath. UV resistance and protection against light are equally important, especially for valuable or light-sensitive shipments.

For effective shielding against external factors, it’s crucial that the pallet cap has the right thickness, which, however, should not hinder easy and quick application.

Where is the pallet cap applied?

These durable pallet caps significantly contribute to protecting and securing cargoes across different industrial uses. They are particularly widespread in the logistics sector, where they serve as essential tools for protecting goods transported on pallets, shielding them from contaminants, scratches, and other mechanical damages during transportation.
Thanks to their waterproof nature, the pallet caps excellently isolate the cargo from humidity and water, which could damage the quality of transported goods.

In the construction industry, these caps are frequently used, especially for outdoor storage of building materials, protecting them from dusty, moist environments. For firewood vendors, they provide ideal protection against weather impacts, such as rain and sunlight. Their success lies in their extremely fast and simple application. Their placement and removal take a short amount of time, thereby optimizing the duration of work processes. In shrinkable designs, they can also stably secure loads weighing more than 1,000 kg as a single unit of cargo.

Besides the areas listed above, they also play an important role in agriculture, where the pallet caps protect against harmful moisture that can degrade the quality of stored crops. This is especially true for feeds, often stored outdoors. Without proper protection, rain and humidity can initiate mold growth, leading to revenue loss. Colored pallet caps also provide the opportunity to discreetly cover light-sensitive or attention-demanding goods.

How to properly apply the pallet cap?

The pallet cap can fully perform its function only if properly applied to the cargo.

The correct application involves:

  • Ensure that the cargo is dry. Moisture forming under the pallet cap over time can damage the product.
  • Pay attention to choosing the right size. A poorly fitting pallet cap can have reduced insulation capabilities, while a too-tight cover can easily tear. For heat-shrinkable designs, the correct size and thickness are especially important to ensure proper securing of the unit load.
  • Strive for an airtight seal. The air layer under the cap, especially in outdoor storage, can expand and contract, which can negatively affect the lifespan of the film.

Sustainable, yet quality pallet caps from Iparifóliák Hungary

Iparifóliák Hungary’s pallet caps meet all the listed requirements. We produce our products from sustainable regranulate material, which does not compromise the quality of the film.

Iparifóliák regranulátum keverék.

Awaiting processing regranulate

Our products are manufactured with high UV resistance upon request, which allows for up to two years of outdoor storage. Moreover, they are resistant to rain and various natural challenges.

We offer them in a variety of colors, so depending on the nature of the use, you can choose the color of the pallet cap. If you are transporting or storing in a fire-hazardous environment, you can also request the addition of an antistatic agent. For the overseas container transport of iron industry products, where there is a possibility of oxidation, we enrich the mix with corrosion-inhibitor additives.

If you need expert advice, our colleagues are happy to be at your service.

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