Moisture isolation and controlled drainage play a critical role in certain industrial areas. Thanks to its versatility, the vapour barrier film is capable of satisfying both functions. In our article, we will detail how these waterproof films can be applied as a professional solution in various industries, specifying the specific areas of application.

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How is the vapour barrier film applied in the construction industry?

In the construction industry, maintaining the optimal level of moisture is crucial for ensuring the quality of products. A prominent example of this is in the formation of concrete floors, where proper regulation of the concrete’s water content is essential. To prevent water absorption from the soil, a waterproof film is used, which prevents the soil from affecting the moisture content of the concrete. For this purpose, high-quality films are employed.

The application of vapour barrier films extends beyond the creation of concrete floors; these films can be crucial in the insulation of roof structures as well. These films specifically manufactured for this purpose significantly contribute to the thermal and moisture protection of roofs, thereby ensuring the long-term integrity and functionality of these structures.

Proving useful in the agricultural industry as well

The role of vapour barrier films extends beyond the construction industry to agriculture. These films, whether traditional or micro-perforated versions, are excellently suited for use as soil covers. This helps in preserving soil moisture and increasing the efficiency of irrigation. Additionally, they play an important role in preventing the growth of weeds, thereby indirectly contributing to the preservation and improvement of crop quality.

Quality waterproof film from Iparifóliák Hungary

The demand for vapor barrier films is extremely diverse, reflecting the versatility of the product. Consequently, our company offers not only standard-sized films but also manufactures based on custom orders. Our range includes a wide selection of different sizes, thicknesses, colors, and compositions, catering to the most varied needs.

Thanks to the continuous operation of our production line, we guarantee uninterrupted production, and our in-stock products can be delivered within 1-2 working days. This ensures that our clients’ work can continue smoothly.

Our continuously expanding warehouse inventory.

Our inventory

Our vapour barrier films are made from high-quality regranulate material, which ensures their durability and long lifespan while offering an environmentally friendly solution. Responding to the specific needs of agricultural applications, there is an option to manufacture them in a perforated design with the addition of UV-resistant additives, which optimizes soil aeration and moisture retention.

Regranulate awaiting use.

Regranulate awaiting use

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